We are a rapidly growing business organization that fosters professional development by connecting students to Israel's economy. 


What Does TAMID Offer You?



Each newly admitted TAMID member must attend one semester’s worth of weekly educational seminars.


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TAMID at Michigan offers pro bono consulting services to international high-tech start-ups.

Investment Fund

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TAMID manages a $15,000 equity investment fund utilizing an approach of qualitative & quantitative analysis.


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TAMID Fellowship is an eight-week summer internship program in Israel. 


The Future Lies In Us


"Since the moment I joined TAMID, I knew it was an organization that was going to have a significant impact on my life. In the short five months I spent with this tight-knit community, I've been awarded with a trusted network of like-minded individuals all determined to make tangible impact on both Israeli businesses and the members we recruit."

— Jake Levin, Class of 2020