Coffee Chat Signups

Thank you for your interest in applying to TAMID Group at Michigan. Coffee chats will take place from September 12th-14th at various times. Browse our members below and sign up for a 15 minute coffee chat. We look forward to speaking with you.

Justin Gainsley

I currently oversee the TAMID at Michigan chapter as President. Previously, I sat on the auxiliary board as Director of Professional Development and spent the summer of 2019 in Israel through the TAMID Fellowship.

Nicole Khakshouri

I am currently the VP of Membership for TAMID, which focuses on recruitment and community affairs. I have done both the fund and consulting and was a project manager.

Sarah Unterhalter

I have been a member of both Consulting and the Fund, and I am currently serving as Director of Marketing where I manage TAMID's website, our social media, apparel, and many other aspects of TAMID's brand. This past summer, I participated in the Fellowship and interned for a Tel-Aviv-based mobility commerce startup.

Lauren Goldsmith

Last semester I was a consulting Project Manager for Cylus (an Israeli railroad cybersecurity startup). I am also the Director of Community Affairs in which I facilitate internal social and bonding events and planned the annual Chicago recruiting trip.

Zack Kaplan

I've been a pitch team leader and I am currently Director of Fund. I went on the Fellowship this past summer.

Jennie Tannenbaum

After my education semester, I became a board member as Director of Fundraising. I also was involved with both the fund and consulting last semester.

Hannah Tamarkin

I joined TAMID the first semester of my freshman year, and I have spent time doing both consulting and the fund. I previously served as the Director of Internal Standards, as well as the National Director of Expansion on the National TAMID Board. In this position, I was responsible for managing the growth of new TAMID chapters all over the world! I also went on the Fellowship during summer 2019.

Dahlia Katz

Since joining TAMID my freshman year, I have been a part of 4 consulting projects. Last year I served as the VP of Membership and I interned at a startup in Tel Aviv on the Fellowship last summer.

Amanda Samuels

I am a sophomore and joined TAMID in the fall of last year. I have had an amazing experience so far during my education semester and on a consulting team.

Pallab Saha

Entering my third semester in TAMID, I've primarily been involved in the Fund and I recently participated in the Fellowship experience this past semester. I am also currently serving as a member of the outreach committee for some cool events that we have planned throughout the semester.

Mika Benezer

I have been a part of TAMID for two semesters now. I am in both the fund and consulting and was a part of the consumer retail pitch group and cybersecurity consulting project!

Katia Carrady

My first semester, I was part of Consulting. Then, my second semester, I participated in Fund. I also helped the Director of Education in whatever she needed.

Uma Chalik

Since joining TAMID my Sophomore year, I have been involved in both the Fund and Consulting. During my first semester following education, I was a consulting project manager for a textile sustainability startup. Last year, I was a member of the REIT team within the Fund.

Jacob Cohen

Current Executive VP; joined TAMID four semesters ago; involved with both Fund and Consulting throughout time in TAMID.

Claire Cohen

I joined TAMID as a sophomore this past year and now serve as the Director of Recruitment. I am also a member of the Fund.

Justin Applefield

I've been in TAMID since fall of my Freshman year, and was Director of Marketing in 2019 and am currently the VP of Operations. I also participated in the virtual Fellowship last summer.

Ben Kort

I have been on the Consulting side of TAMID and am also the Director of Education for new members. This past summer I was on the virtual Fellowship interning remotely for a tech startup out of Tel Aviv.

Matthew Plonskier

I'm currently the Director of the Fund and was the Consumer Retail investment desk head last semester.

Avery Bradshaw

I have been a consulting project manager, a member of the Industrials team in the TAMID Fund, and currently serve as the Director of Outreach.

Bella Gribov

I have been in TAMID for the past two years and participated in 3 consulting projects and 2 stock pitch teams. Additionally, I served on the National Board of Expansion and helped start new TAMID chapters at Georgetown University, The Cooper Union, Tulane, University of Texas at Austin, and the University of Virginia!

Hannah Landau

I joined TAMID my freshman year and have since been a Consulting Project Manager twice and Co-Director of Consulting. I also attended the 2019 Fellowship.

Sage Sherry

I am currently a sophomore in TAMID. I am Director of Community Affairs and also an analyst in the Fund.

Nicole Granovsky

I am a sophomore this year and completed my education experience last year in the fall. Since then I have been involved with both the fund and consulting and have served on the recruitment committee for two semesters.

Cara Siegel

I am a Junior studying Business Administration. This is my third semester in TAMID (I joined as a Sophomore) and last semester I served as a Project Manager on a consulting project for an Israeli API Security Company.

Eric Brand

Involved in both fund and consulting. Planning committee for TAMID Tank and speaker series. Went on the Fellowship this past summer and worked in Venture Capital.

Jeein Shim

I joined TAMID the first semester of my sophomore year. I have been involved in the Fund since then and was a pitch leader for an education pitch team. I will be going into asset management next summer.

Founded in 2008, TAMID Group is a premier undergraduate consulting and investment club at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business.


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