Working for myInterview by Dahlia Katz


The 2019 TAMID Fellowship was an absolutely incredible experience. I interned for myInterview, an HR Tech Startup that sells an AI based online interview platform. As a marketing intern, I worked directly under the CMO. Each day was a new exciting learning opportunity as I was tasked with real responsibilities such as editing and publishing white papers, building landing pages, and creating marketing content for partnerships with other firms and conferences that our company attends. I have acquired new analytical skills that I can apply to my courses at Michigan.

Being a part of the startup nation means that not only did I sit next to the CMO and CEO of my company everyday, but I now know them on a personal level. Each Monday, we started our day with a video call with our office in Australia where each team member gave an update on what they had been working on. Even though these video calls were brief, they provided insight into how a startup company comes to life. Being exposed to the successes and challenges, the daily details, and the long term big picture taught me so much about how a company functions.

Having the opportunity to live in Tel Aviv was absolutely amazing. Living in an apartment building full of TAMID fellows allowed us to quickly form bonds with fellows from across the country. I am so incredibly grateful for this experience, and I know that the connections and friendships I made will last a lifetime.

Working at PwC by Rowan Daiksel


This past summer, I had the enormous privilege of being able to take part in the TAMID Fellowship, an experience that led to the best summer I’ve ever had. I interned at PwC analyzing financial statements of large multi-national corporations in order to contribute to the construction of complex and intriguing international tax returns. Through this experience, I improved my ability to tell a story from the financial statements of a company and to translate that into complex excel spreadsheets. On a more personal level, it was incredible to be surrounded by such kind, interesting, passionate, and sometimes aggressively hard-working people. This was a work experience I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Through the Fellowship’s exclusive TAMID events, I was able to learn and grow both personally and professionally. I was exposed to some incredible Israeli startups, venture capital firms, and larger corporations while building a network of hundreds of students and professionals from all over the United States. This general business environment, both on a startup level and a large corporate level, exposed me to a level of passion, persistence, and perseverance I think is impossible to find anywhere else in the world.

Lastly, and arguably most importantly, I met the most incredible people and made life-long friends and incredible memories. We got to experience almost every corner of Israel, ranging from mountainous forests and barren deserts to beautiful beaches and sprawling cities. Tel-Aviv is one of the only places in the world where after a long day of work you can go to the beach have a beer with some friends while watching the sunset. It is a place where you can experience the top-tier nightlife of Tel-Aviv, some of the best restaurants in the world, a melting pot of different cultures, and unparalleled natural beauty. Such an experience is almost impossible to replicate anywhere else in the world on literally every single level. This is an opportunity unlike anything else, and I could not recommend it more enthusiastically.

Working at Entrée Capital by Joel Belfer

Working at Entrée Capital

Working at Entrée Capital

The TAMID Fellowship has been my most transformative summer experience to date. Interning at a Venture Capital firm - Entrée Capital - was a unique and valuable job. My primary work included sitting in on pitch meetings and conducting due diligence on these companies, as well as researching innovative industries, like blockchain, to guide future investments. One lesson that I will hold with me is, when evaluating a startup, it is imperative to dig deep and look at the business from countless (and I really do mean countless) angles and perspectives when considering its viability of success. In addition, I was tasked with working directly with some of Entreé’s portfolio companies, including Coders Clan, to solve some of their most pressing issues. Working in Venture Capital has had a tremendous influence on my career aspirations, and it is an industry that I will heavily consider entering during my career.

Overall, the Fellowship was an amazing and inspiring adventure, as each day presented a new assignment to complete at work, a new tech event to attend, a new sunset to watch, or a new shawarma restaurant to try. I would encourage everyone who has the opportunity to absolutely go on the Fellowship, as it provided me with unparalleled work experience, vast exposure to the Israeli business ecosystem, and amazing memories and close friendships that will last a lifetime!

Interning at UpRight Technologies by Jared Spiegel

Interning at UpRight Technologies by Jared Spiegel

Interning at UpRight Technologies by Jared Spiegel

This summer I interned at Upright Technologies, a startup that manufactures wearable technology devices to help correct your posture. I was primarily in charge of managing the beta testing on their new posture training device which included organizing and analyzing feedback from over 80 Israeli beta testers. In addition, I was tasked with creating a clinical white paper for the company, which summarizes all of the clinical research surrounding the benefits of good posture and the effectiveness of their product. Overall, it was an amazing experience to work with and learn from such intelligent and motivated people, and I felt like the work I was doing had a real impact on the company.

I loved living in Tel Aviv, as I had access to amazing food, great bars, and incredible people. We also got the chance to travel around the entire country doing fun activities such as building a raft on the Jordan River spending the day at an Ethiopian village, exploring the tech startup scene in Nazareth, and much more. This summer was a blast, and I cannot put into words how incredible this experience really was.