What is TAMID at Michigan?

We are a rapidly growing business organization that fosters professional development by connecting students to Israel's economy. Founded here at the University of Michigan in 2008, TAMID is thriving at nearly thirty elite U.S. universities. TAMID at Michigan runs its own educational program, student-managed equity research teams, and consulting practice serving high-tech Israeli companies. Additionally, TAMID at Michigan runs a summer fellowship program in Tel Aviv where selected members can intern at start-ups or companies like Google and Deloitte.

The best professional development opportunity at Michigan

What We Do


Each newly admitted TAMID member must attend one semester’s worth of weekly educational seminars. Topics covered include the Israeli economy, crafting an effective pitch, fundamentals of consulting and finance, as well as fundraising essentials. Seminars are led either by qualified peers or by University of Michigan faculty, and guest speakers are brought in regularly.

Our goal is to prepare students to join either Consulting or the Investment Fund by equipping them with concrete business skills, as well as a foundational knowledge of Israel’s place in the greater economy.

For more information, contact our Director of Education:
Erica Jaffe


The TAMID Investment Fund is one of two pathway options for students who have completed the education semester, the first of their TAMID tenure. Under the direction of highly qualified student-leaders, participants manage a carefully reasoned stock portfolio.

After separating into eight sector-specific groups at the beginning of each semester, members research profitable stocks within their respective areas of the market—with a particular emphasis placed on Israeli equities. Each weekly meeting consists of a market update followed by two stock pitches, in which groups present evidence-based cases as for why certain stocks should be incorporated into the official profile.

Students involved in the TAMID Investment Fund develop the abilities to follow the market, identify promising stocks, and develop and evaluate pitches. Newer initiatives include an effort to connect upper- and underclassmen through career panels and other similar programs, allowing for meaningful, compelling mentorships and enhanced networking opportunities. Alumni currently work in many prominent companies, including JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley.

For more information, contact our Directors of Fund:
Tommasso Angelini | Jeff Ohl


TAMID Consulting is one of two pathway options for students who have completed the education semester, the first of their TAMID tenure. Involved students gain experience working within Israel’s booming startup economy.

At the beginning of each semester, individuals are divided into student-led teams, and each team is assigned a startup company within Israel’s thriving high-tech sector. The students work closely with the highest-ranking members of those organizations to complete case-by-case consulting projects. Finally, teams present their results and recommendations to the CEOs, providing meaningful insights to help growing companies prosper.

TAMID Consulting equips participants with the abilities to work effectively in teams, communicate eloquently and professionally with businesses, and tackle real-world problems that companies face at various stages of development.

For more information, contact our Directors of Consulting:
Jessica Jakoby and Nathanial Rosenblum


The Fellowship is an eight-week, all-expenses-paid summer internship program in Israel. TAMID helps place accepted fellows in rewarding internship positions that match up with their preferences, and houses participants in the pleasant neighborhood of Florentin, Tel Aviv. Some students are even able to intern with the company for which they consulted in a previous semester.

While admission is competitive, at least two fellows are selected from each TAMID chapter. Fellows are provided the incredible opportunity to explore Israel through a completely new lens—Israeli business and entrepreneurship—while surrounded by friends of similar passions. Living close to the beach and a relatively brief trip from almost anywhere in Israel, all the while surrounded by a vibrant community of bright, accomplished individuals…

What better way to spend a summer?

For more information, contact our Fellowship Director:
David Brystowski


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